Why E-Commerce Retail Brands Should Consider Hiring a Digital Agency

You may think hiring an ecommerce marketing agency is an expense your business just can't afford—when, in fact, the cost of an experienced agency can easily be offset by the improved campaign performance and growth that they will deliver.

You already know the importance of sharing relevant content, having an active social network, and staying in touch with your customers via email. But most small businesses lack the resources, time, and expertise to launch and maintain all the moving pieces of a successful, multi-channel advertising campaign, while at the same time focusing on their core business and delivering value for their customers. When the cost of working with an ecommerce marketing agency can be covered by the increase in revenue from previously untapped or neglected sources, the decision becomes clear.

Some businesses opt to divide their marketing efforts in an attempt to make the most of their investment. Afterall, you want to be sure that each element of your overall advertising plan is managed by the most experienced team. But, if you’re a small- to mid-sized business, you can’t afford (both in terms of time and money) to fragment your marketing efforts. Managing multiple vendors, across multiple marketing channels isn’t a viable strategy for most small businesses.

Modern Agency/Modern Strategy

A modern agency should be well-versed across a variety of disciplines, with a comprehensive understanding of the marketing landscape so they can intentionally move your brand in the best direction.

Wield employs comprehsive tools that allow for real-time data analysis, leveraging your website and user data to develop creative strategies to boost sales and enhance your customer’s experience across devices. The user data guides the marketing efforts, allowing Wield to customize messaging and methodology to successfully get your brand in front of your target audience. We use a variety of mediums, including social media, paid advertising (retargeting, display ads, Facebook, Gmail, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), email marketing and automation, content marketing and much more.

Wield partners closely with clients, taking the time to understand your business at a deep level. Any business owner can signup for a Facebook or Google AdWords account and start advertising. But in order to build and maintain campaigns that deliver sales at a positive ROI, and at scale, intentional planning and strategy are necessary. The strategies we present inform the marketing plan which inform our development and creative work—in that order—and not the other way around. This is a key distinction, and the methodology that bares fruit for our clients. Our service offering, while seemingly broad, is actually focused specifically at addressing the various needs small- to medium-sized ecommerce businesses most often require. The true value of Wield is our ability to deliver highly capable digital agency service and results, at a cost that allows our client’s to grow.


In our 15 years serving ecommerce store owners, we have evovled with the industry, keeping current with trends, tools, regulations, online security, and policy changes so we can effectively and efficiently serve our clients and their diverse digital needs. Our clients see us as true business partners—we keep their best interests at the forefront of every task we undertake.

And unlike other agencies that require clients to sign an abitrary agreement, locking you in to a set number of months, Wield’s clients remain clients because they choose to. Our goal is to create and maintain a successful campaign on your behalf. When we’re successful, and you’re making money, you’re more inclined to remain a client. It is this level of transparency that fosters deeper client relationships and the necessary trust for risk taking…moving your brand towards becoming a market leader, rather than a mid-market survivor.


Leveraging the expertise and marketing resources of an agency can enhance your entire business model. As a business owner, your time is spent managing the day-to-day of your business, with a focus on preserving your bottom line. Hiring a marketing agency is a smart move that delivers concrete value and positive return on investment.

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