Outsourcing Website Management

How do small business owners and non-profits know when it's the right move to outsource website management?


Outsourcing website management can feel like an insurmountable hurdle for small businesses and non-profits. Mood Disorders Support Group, INC is a non-profit run solely by volunteers. When their in-house website manager moved on to another job, just after their new WordPress site was launched, they found themselves in a bind. They needed a trustworthy, experienced agency that could jump in, understand the platform, and keep things moving.

One of the goals of the new site was to allow people to sign up and pay for memberships, as well as to sign up and pay to attend monthly virtual events. With the first monthly event fast approaching, they were in a hurry to figure out what their site was capable of, and what their site still needed to allow for those primary tasks.

Mood Disorders Support Group, INC


After multiple conversations with key members of their team, Wield began building a solid understanding of their business needs. We took a deep dive into their WordPress configuration and familiarized ourselves – as well as MDSG – with the site’s capabilities. With this knowledge, we were able to develop a a fast strategy for the event registration, using the available tools and begin comprising a list of items to be addressed as time permitted.

Additional WordPress Services Included:

  • Consulting
  • Content writing
  • Graphic design
  • WordPress guidance


With Wield’s guidance, MDSG is learning how to manage key aspects of their WordPress site, gaining autonomy so they can manage specific tasks in-house, while outsourcing only the more complex tasks to Wield. This allows MDSG’s volunteers to focus on doing what they do best – supporting their community members with weekly meetings and monthly lectures – all with peace of mind that their site is is up-to-date and secure.

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