Natural Ginesis—Market Leader

Wield was tasked with migrating Natural Ginesis to BigCommerce and growing the brand with a comprehensive marketing strategy that brings new users to the site, while consistently reengaging existing customers.


Natural Ginesis is an early pioneer of ecommerce, selling natural pest prevention products online since 2001. Throughout their lengthy online history, they have maintained their signature look and feel – paramount to the brand’s identity. Natural Ginesis needed an ecommerce solution that provided both the benefits of a hosted solution (reliability and up-time) while also allowing for customized layouts.


In 2014, when Magento Go announced they would be discontinuing the platform, Wield worked closely with Natural Ginesis to select a new ecommerce solution that would provide stability and a solid foundation for a successful integrated marketing campaign. In addition to BigCommerce offering migration support for Magento Go clients, the platform met all of our client’s needs – stable, secure, user-friendly for both customers and admin, customizable templates, comprehensive coupons and discounting, robust content management, key app integrations including QuickBooks, and one-page checkout.


Wield worked with BigCommerce to successfully migrate Natural Ginesis’ product, category and customer data, as well as the valuable, indexed content pages. BigCommerce managed the data migration as well as the necessary product and category 301 redirects -a vital element of any site migration that is far too often overlooked. Wield managed the responsive, custom page layouts, custom menu builds, and content page 301 redirects.

Once the migration was complete and the search engines had successfully reindexed the urls, we were ready to launch the marketing strategy: email marketing, paid advertising, social media management and search optimization.

organic results

  • 76%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 300%

    increase in organic orders

  • 320%

    increase in organic revenue

email results

  • 100%

    increase in email traffic

  • 260%

    increase in revenue from email

  • 300%

    increase in orders from email

ppc results

  • 400%

    increase in orders from PPC

  • 400%

    increase in revenue from PPC

  • 50%

    lower CPA for PPC

overall results

  • 357%

    increase in overall conversion rate

  • 300%

    increase in overall orders

  • 28%

    increase in organic yearly traffic


Since migrating to BigCommerce in January 2015, Natural Ginesis has experienced healthy, consistent growth. And as their brand has continued to grow, so too has BigCommerce, ensuring that is always online and can continue taking advantage of the conversion-optimizing tools and features that make BigCommerce a favored ecommerce platform.

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