Introducing the first Nexternal WordPress theme, Seamless. Nexternal clients can now intelligently sync their ecommerce store with their WordPress site, thereby providing their customers with value-adding tools and features that enhance the online shopping experience—across all devices.

Nexternal WordPress Theme

Wield is excited to offer the only customizable Nexternal-integrated WordPress theme. Seamless provides Nexternal store owners with a responsive, user-friendly website that is intelligently integrated with their Nexternal store.

Nexternal clients must have a separate CMS for their base website that links to their Nexternal account. This separation between home page and ecommerce platform often poses challenges with regards to offering common ecommerce features that consumers expect to find on an ecommerce site, such as search, navigation, featured products, account login, and cart contents.

Wield’s customizable WordPress theme addresses a variety of challenges presented by the need for a separate home page, including secure hosting and access to valuable ecommerce tools. The Nexternal-integrated WordPress theme enhances the customer’s shopping experience and streamlines the store owner’s website management.

  • Catalog Search with Search Suggestions – allows consumers to search the product catalog, from anywhere on the website, further enhanced with Nexternal’s search suggestion tool.
  • Dynamic Cart Contents – customers can see how many products are in their cart, from any page hosted outside of Nexternal, including the home page.
  • Featured Products Display – store owners can easily manage featured products on their home page (or any non-Nexternal page) by simply adding products to a designated category in Nexternal.
  • Dynamic Account Login – when a customer logs in to their Nexternal account, the custom store header shows dynamic messaging that displays a welcome message, as opposed to a static login link. (Within Nexternal pages only.)
  • Secure hosting and WordPress maintenance – Wield focuses on the technical details, providing secure, solid website hosting and WordPress maintenance so you can focus on running your business.

Traditionally, a Nexternal storefront is recognizable by its cart column, positioned on the left or right of the products, flanked on the other side by the category tree. Utilizing embedded fonts, a custom color theme, customized HTML buttons, and a custom-developed shopping cart that drops down from the header, Wield has enhanced the complete shopping process from the category and product pages through the checkout process and order confirmation.

Nexternal’s always-visible cart is an important feature for online customers, however, the cart utilizes valuable realestate. Wield’s custom cart provides a user-friendly quick view allowing customers to review their cart contents without ever leaving the page they are viewing – while providing more space to promote and sell your products.

With Wield’s customized, Nexternal-integrated WordPress theme, and customized, responsive store layouts, Nexternal store owners can improve their website’s natural search rankings, more efficiently support their marketing campaigns, and provide their customers with an improved online shopping experience.

You can preview these integrated tools at Duval Paint and Decorating. Wield designed the WP theme for the home page and carried the look and feel over to their Nexternal layouts, both desktop and mobile.


If your Nexternal website would benefit from value-adding features for customer retention including dynamic product displays, always-visible cart contents, easy account access, mailing list sign up, prominent contact information, and an enhanced online shopping experience for both desktop and mobile users, let’s chat!