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This voice & tone guide questionnaire will help you establish a singular voice and style for your brand. The guide will dictate the best ways to effectively communicate with your users while remaining true to your brand; and ensure that your brand is presented consistently across all communications including, but not limited to web, print, social media, and email.

Use the form below to define the personality and rhythm of your brand’s voice as well as the vocabulary, tone and style that should be used across all media. Below you will develop a detailed list of memorable words, phrases and statements that encompass your brand’s voice, including the qualities of your brand, adjectives used to describe it and its users, as well as a list of characteristics that don’t fit your brand.


  • What does your brand do and why? Are you offering services or products? What do those services or products provide for your customers? Why are your products/services important?
  • These are descriptions or characteristics you can use to describe your brand and services.
  • These are descriptions or characteristics that DO NOT describe your brand or services.

    Voice is WHO the reader hears when they read a particular piece of content - it is both the word choices as well as the worldview of the author.
  • Provide some key characteristics of your ideal reader. Who is the audience?
  • How do you talk/sound? Who is the brand?
  • TONE

    Tone is the ATTITUDE the writer projects on the audience/reader.
  • How do you want people to FEEL when reading this content?

    Write about your company in the way that's most natural and comfortable for you - and write to the audience persona you've just described.

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